These Cheaters Get Exposed On Facebook For The World To See

Cheating on your partner is bad, but is publicly humiliating and defacing people on social media any better? Maybe, but maybe not. We’ll leave the opinions and judgement to you.

What we have to say is this: today’s technology leaves no place for cheaters to hide. Facebook alone exposes cheater after cheater–daily. In fact, Facebook has exposed so many cheaters, there’s a whole sister website dedicated to helping people who are “struggling in their marriage;” it’s called Facebook Cheating. According to the site, a third of divorce filings last year contained the word “Facebook.” It doesn’t get more real than this. Oh what, you haven’t seen a few of these revelations about cheating in your own friends’ feeds? Well all that says is you clearly have more monogamous friends than we do. Congratulations, now take a look at all the cheaters that exist nonetheless.

1. So I took this ride with your husband…



2. Hold still while I take this photo to prove you cheated on me. People may not believe me if I only update my status…

Seriously though, this is a reaction?

3. Cheaters be trolled.



4. Hey Rob, your stuff is outside.


5. Dear James M…



6. Tiffany gets told.



7. Sometimes even Farmville can’t fix it.

Brothers be warned!

8. Probably not the best question for a cheater to ask on social media…

P.S. does anyone else find it odd they’re shown as Facebook friends? DELETE.



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