Best Hairstyle Hacks for the Lazy Girl In You

We all have those days where hair is the absolutely last thing on our minds and we have zero motivation to put any kind of effort in how our hair looks…that, or we just had no time to wash it! Either way, we still need to look presentable (somewhat) to go out into the world, because if you look good, you feel good! Even on those days where your hair is a dirty mess and you think all you can do is stick it up in a pony tail, think again! These hacks are honestly amazingly simple and sometimes even work better with dirty hair! Here are Best hairstyle hacks to help you never leave the house looking a mess ever again:

1. A 20-second up-do

You simply split your hair into two, tie, twist and pin!

2. To curl your hair in a jiffy, split your hair and curl. Genius!



3. Dirty hair? Use dry shampoo before bed

It works better and will suck up all the excess oil leaving your hair extra voluminous!

4. Dry your hair and style it with a hot air brush.





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