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This House Was Abandoned Over 30 Years Ago, But When You Walk In, It’s Like No One Ever Left

This abandoned home located in the province of Ontario in Canada is eerily, yet beautifully, remnant of an old, forgotten home…on the outside, that is. Dave of the photoblog Freaktography visited the home to snap some images, but the interesting thing about the home was how impeccably well-preserved the interior was.

The daughter of the original home owner is now 76 years old and was able to tell Dave that the house was willed to a local church. She and the church, however, had a dispute over that particular house. The odd and mysterious thing about this entire situation, that she has not revealed and probably never will, is why she left all her belongings in that home to be frozen in time for over 30 years.

Other than the usual smell of decay and dust, everything was left untouched.

It’ll completely stun you.

The obviously old and abandoned home is still standing.

The dusty piano was still in the very same place.



Looking into the living room is like taking a peek at the daily life of the previous owners.



The house is absolutely full of antiques.



Everything was in its original packaging. It really gave an awesome, old-school feel to the room.





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