Types Of Kisses In The World

Kissing is one of those underrated yet phenomenal little things that human beings get to enjoy with their loved one (or ones, if that’s what you’re into), but the problem is, as easy as it is to kiss, it’s just as easy to be completely and utterly horrible at it. This is an entire list of the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of kissing.

The good is really good, and hopefully you’ve experienced one…or all of them. The bad is really awful, and for the sake of your sanity and love life, hopefully you never experience any of them…ever.

1. The French :

The best kind of kiss. A little tongue and you’re well on your way to second base…or if you’re really good, you’ll skip right ahead to third.
Types Of Kisses In The World

2. The French-Canadian:

Ask for a kiss and then apologize afterward.
Types Of Kisses In The World 1

3. The Chinese :

Equality for all. Love knows no age, sex, race or religious affiliation.
Types Of Kisses In The World 2

4. The Russian :

Get drunk on a delicious milky drink while making out. What more could you want? This could be bad though if you’re lactose intolerant. Your farts and sporadic runs to the bathroom may ruin the mood.





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